The Coming King.

“Now when these things begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” (Luke 23:28, ESV)

Jesus teaches a lesson about the coming dark times to His disciples that serves as a warning to the leaders of the Jews. Because the Jews showed disrespect for the poor and were religious hypocrites, the Lord was going to punish them as He had done centuries earlier. The Lord had sent the nation of Judah into 70 years of exile for their idolatry and selfishness. He was going to do the same shortly because of their continued disobedience and because of what they would do to their Messiah, Jesus. But the destruction and devastation would so far exceed what had occurred under Babylon that it would seem like the end of the world. And for the Jewish nation it was.

Jesus warned His disciples of the signs that would precede the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans so that they would be prepared and so avoid the punishment that would fall on the Jews. The warning is for us as well for the signs He described will also occur at the end of the age, when the Lord returns. But when that will happen we do not know, nor do we need to. We should not even speculate about it. Instead we Christians should continue to live in righteousness and shun the dissipation and materialism of the world. We must be ready at any moment for the return of our King, Jesus and to preach the salvation found in Him alone.


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