Blogging With Agabus: God’s work in us.

Ephesians 2:1-10

Paul’s words now confirm to us the basis for the assurance of our faith. Salvation is impossible by works of the law: it is imparted by the grace of God through faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross. Now, because of the blood of Jesus, all can now be reconciled unto God. His blood redeems us from the condemnation of the law so now we stand justified and righteous before God. The law cannot condemn those who are in Christ, those covered by His blood. To be in Christ means to have repented of sin, to have acknowledged our sinfulness to God and admitted our powerlessness over sin. It means we have surrendered control of our lives to Christ. Those in Christ, though not sin-free, no longer live with sin or self as their main focus. Now they live to give glory to God.

Those in Christ obey His commands, not out of necessity, not to earn eternal life, but out of thankfulness, gratitude and Lord for God. The Lord empowers them to do so by His indwelling Spirit. Yet many of us still live as if we were dead to Christ. We still sin. We still are followers of Satan. But we who are in Christ are no longer by nature children of wrath. We have a Christ nature imparted by Christ to us. We know our need for God, for His help to overcome sin and temptation, to seek and ask for forgiveness and mercy and to love our fellow man by performing works of righteousness. As we see from Paul, the Lord has already prepared such works for us. We are used in many ways by the Lord to achieve the purposes of His Kingdom.


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