What is the Good News?

Mark 1:1

The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


As we approach Christmas, our reading should focus on obeying the Lord. We see obedience and fulfilling the calling of teh Lord in the opening verses of Mark’s Gospel. This first verse is filled with great meaning. Mark tells us that what he is sharing with us is the gospel, that is, the good news. That good news is about Jesus. And it is indeed good news because His name means savior, a name which fills all who hear it with hope and comfort. Mark describes him as the Christ, a title that means Messiah or anointed one, the one who was promised by God to Adam and the Patriarchs who would save the people from their sins, the one who would reconcile mankind to God. Jesus is the fulfillment of all God’s promises.

But Mark calls Jesus the Son of God by which he declares He is no ordinary human being: He is Divine. He is God Incarnate. Mark’s proclamation of the gospel is therefore focused on Jesus and how he is the Savior of not just the Jews, the chosen people, but of all mankind.

The gospel that we preach is Jesus. He is great news to those who are wandering in the darkness of sin, fear, doubt, guilt and man-made religion. He is the greatest news we can hear or preach for He bestows on all who of Him grace to sustain us all with the strength and perseverance which will enable us to keep on going in the midst of a world filled with pain, terrorism and strife.

Prayer: Lord, help me to preach the Good News to someone who is hurting and in need, that they may know the joy and peace that you grant by your grace and mercy.


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