Blogging With Saint Paul: The secret way to spiritual maturity is no secret and is not easy.

Colossians 3

Paul now offers his own words of wisdom that will help the believers grow into the image of Christ, to gain spiritual maturity. This does not involve learning spiritual secrets or following the law or adopting an ascetic lifestyle. The way we grow in Christ is by putting off our old way of living and thinking. When we became Christians we died to the old self and became new creatures in Christ. This death is symbolized by baptism which graphically proclaims that entry into the kingdom of God that only comes by death. This death must take its effects over every aspect of our passions, lusts and selfish desires though it takes time and the disciplined work of the Holy Spirit to accomplish as He motivates us to set aside the old ways and put on the new.

And in this new life we are joined to Christ and so joined to all other believers as well. Men and women, slave and free, black, white, yellow and brown we are all equal in Christ so we should treat everyone accordingly. We are to focus on being tender-hearted and kind toward all people. We need to forgive always even as we have been forgiven. We are never to seek our own agenda.

This attitude of unselfishness may disturb us because it will mean we will usually have to quietly accept abuse, scorn and reproach from our fellow human beings when we are really tempted to justify and defend ourselves to prove others wrong. The good Christian realizes however that his sense of worth and identity come from Christ not from other men so it does not really matter what they say. So when we think we speak our mind to others we should be very careful that we don’t do it to show off, justify ourselves, or put others down. We should speak the truth in love and humility so others may be edified and blessed.


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