Blogging With Saint Paul: Hey, we’re not supposed to be living like the world!

Ephesians 4:17-5:21

Paul exhorts us to live lives worthy of God’s Kingdom and then describes for us the standards of behavior this entails. Since we are called to be holy we are to be separated from sin and live lives of purity and righteousness. We are not to live in the way we did when we were in the world or in any way continue to follow the ways of the world. We have been made one with Christ and so He expects us to imitate Him and enables us to do so. We have repented of sin. We have repudiated the old life and all its values and standards. We will not want to have anything to do with them now since they only kept us enslaved to sin.

Paul then goes on to show the ways we do this using very concrete and balanced examples that point out the negatives actions and attitudes, what we must not do or think, and the positive ones, what we should do and think. And the model for us to follow is Jesus Himself. As we ponder these standards we should feel convicted for we all live according to the standards of the world to varying degrees often to the point that we lose sight of Christ. These standards promote and praise evil, lying, abuse, debauchery, selfishness and sexual immorality in all its forms as well as the use of coarse joking that promotes or approves that sexual immorality. The media and the world of entertainment is filled with this sinful agenda. And we who are believers buy into this nonsense and imitate it rather than Jesus. We not only do not criticize it we support it with our time and money. We do this because we want to be liked by our worldly companions and not be characterized as straitlaced and prudish. The Lord would rather we should be focused on Him and His Kingdom, His standards not the world’s. Most if not all of the forms of entertainment that are popular now will be in heaven. So why waste time on things that are not part of eternal glory?


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