Blogging With Saint Paul: Be like Jesus.

Galatians 6

As we manifest the fruit of the spirit we will treat our brethren differently. We will not gossip about their sins, mistakes, quirks or burdens, nor we ridicule them in any way or boast in ourselves as if we were better or more spiritual than they. In fact, as Paul points out, we are not better than they. We are equal in Christ and none of us is perfect. We all sin and fall. We all have our own unique ways about us and our preferences, good bad and neutral. We cannot be smug. We are to treat others as we want to be treated: with mercy, understanding and love. And so we will bear the burdens or our brethren. We will pray for them. We will bring them to repentance. We will edify and teach them the right way to go with words and deeds. In this way we grow in to the likeness of Christ.

As Paul closes his letter he focuses on the centrality of the cross. Because of the cross none of us can boast in ourselves. He sees that selfish boasting as the underlying motive of his legalistic opponents who teach circumcision and law keeping as essential to the faith. They only want to be proved right and so seem righteous and exalted. Not so with Paul. He glories in the cross because in Christ alone do we find righteousness and freedom.

Perhaps when we look at those preachers we admire so much we should listen carefully to they way they present the gospel. Many are given to boasting and self-promotion and are adept in telling others what to do to improve their lives. Those who preach the true gospel of salvation will promote Christ and the way of sacrificial living and giving. They will truly follow the way of Christ in their lives and pray that we do the same.


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