Blogging With Saint Paul: Seek to give not to get.

2 Corinthians 13

At the end of the letter, Paul reminds the saints that he has written all these things to prepare them for his upcoming 3rd visit. He is looking forward to this but with mixed feelings. He is joyful because he knows that the situation has changed, that the majority of those who had rebelled had come to repentance. At the same time he is sad and uneasy because there were still many saints in rebellion. On top of that, their rejection of his authority had apparently given them license to engage in immorality. Paul reminds his audience that rejection of his authority is rejection of God Himself for the power of his message was the word of God. Thus these final words are his last attempt to warn the rebellious of the judgment which he must administer when he comes.

He again emphasizes that he does not want them to provide him financial support. As we have seen his opponents had extorted such support as their right and criticized Paul for rejecting it. He exposed them as frauds who preached with selfishness, pride, greed and a lust for power. Everything he had done was done out of love and concern for the spiritual well-being of the saints not for personal gain. He is their spiritual parent, not a hired teacher. It was his responsibility to make sure that they were raised with proper values and correct doctrine. These he taught with words but by example. He showed unselfish love in his relations with them. Unselfish, sacrificial giving to others is basic to the Christian life as it follows the example of Christ who gave Himself for our sins. When the saints understand and apply this principle this they will grow up and be able to support and teach others.


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