Blogging With Saint Paul: Jars of clay.

2 Corinthians 4

Paul continues to proclaim the glory of weakness. All that he suffers he endures to promote the cause of the gospel. He suffers because of his great compassion for the lost, a compassion the Corinthians knew first hand. Paul was the one who first preached to them. He was their spiritual father. His way of life among them revealed the authority of his ministry. The glory of God was ministered through his preaching. He did not preach his own words or his own ideas nor did he use trickery and deception to win them over. He spoke the truth. Those who rejected what he preached did so because they had their minds blinded by the devil.

The same is true today of all those who reject God’s Word They have hardened their hearts to God’s grace and sought inner spirituality by means of human methods. Thus the devil now is their god. They accept a glory that comes from human achievement, human physical strength, and human intellect. Such glory though popular today and praised throughout out culture cannot compare with the glory of God.

The great light of God’s glory is contained in jars of clay which refers to we who are believers who are unattractive, weak and humanity. This is great news for it tells us how we are to live. As jars of clay we have no reason to boast in our abilities, our attractiveness or any other reason. Any glory that we receive in carrying out the work of God belongs to the Lord. We are his servants. Like these clay jars, we are useful to contain precious items and dispense them. The contents are important, the vessel is not. Thus the most appropriate attitude for we who are believers is humble gratitude for the privilege of serving a function in God’s kingdom.


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