Blogging With the Apostles: Speak with boldness.

Acts 4



Persecution by the Jewish religious leaders began on the heels of this tremendous miracle because the number of Christians increased steadily. The rulers of the Jews were upset because they saw the apostles as unschooled upstarts who threatened their power. Yet not even they could deny the enormous miracle that the Peter had performed. The Sanhedrin commanded them to be silent, but they refused. Later when they were released the new church met together and prayed with one accord. They asked for boldness to continue preaching. Miracles and signs accompanied the teaching of the apostles that were to lead others to the truth.

We should also note that the apostles on their part had great courage to confront their rulers and remind them of the part they played in the death of Jesus. In addition they proclaimed that not only had Jesus risen from the dead but that salvation was to be found in Him alone. This is an incredible and dangerous statement to make to anyone. The Jews believed that salvation was found in God alone, by following His law. Yet the apostles were equating Jesus with God. The truth of the gospel, however, proclaims that all other religions are worthless, ineffective and hopeless because they are essentially lies. In an age of pluralism that existed in the ancient world and exists in our own this is quite a radical and dangerous claim, one which many find annoying. Even many Christians attempt to soften the dynamic claim by allowing for truth in other faiths. They fear antagonizing people or making them feel bad about themselves. But the fact is they ought to feel bad, they ought to feel guilt, because we all are sinners. Unless we feel guilt over our sins we will never know we need a savior. So, therefore, we ought to pray for boldness so that we may tell others of salvation in Jesus alone.


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