Blogging With Saint John: What’s so great about raising a man from the dead? 

John 11



Jesus performed the greatest of His miraculous signs with the raising of Lazarus from the dead. The other evangelists record that He raised at least 2 others, but both had been dead only a short while and neither had been buried. Lazarus had been buried 4 days and his body had begun to decompose. Thus the act of resurrection involved the use of power to regenerate flesh. This act demonstrated that Jesus had power over death and the grave. It also served to prepare His disciples and the people for His own resurrection for His body would be in the grave 3 days. Of course His own resurrection would be the greatest of all His miracle for His resurrected body was glorified, while the bodies of those Jesus raised were still subject to corruption. They would eventually fall victim to illness, old age and death. But not Jesus.

A lot of people believed in Jesus because of Lazarus. It is quite amazing that the Pharisees did not only refuse to believe, but sought to kill Jesus because of it. They did not see it as a great blessing and a great work of God but only a great threat. They desired political and religious power for themselves. Jesus was a danger to this. If enough people gathered around Jesus the Romans would take note and see it as a threat to their rule and decide to punish all the Jews. The Pharisees loved their power and to them the status quo was better even though it meant a peaceful but shaky co-existence in submission to their Roman overlords. They sought to put Jesus to death in order maintain their power in the community. Ultimately, of course, the death they sought resulted in a complete overthrow of the status quo for the entire world.

Many today still see Jesus as a threat. They desire power, money, status and fame and will do anything to get them. Jesus stands in their way for He calls all of us to follow Him into eternal life as His humble servants of others, not rulers or arrogant or selfish people. Jesus’ way to live so contradicts the way of the world that millions would rather reject Him and do things in their own manner. Sadly as long as they reject Jesus they will not enter into eternal life.


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