Blogging With Saint Mark: Heed the warnings of Jesus.

Mark 13

Here Mark records several prophetic teachings of Jesus. We often hear these teachings in reference to end time events, things that will happen in the future. We often forget that, although these prophecies may have future significance, they have already been fulfilled. What Jesus said concerned the destruction of the city of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD by the Romans. What Jesus was foretelling was unbelievable, a calamitous event of epic proportions that would change the world forever. Jerusalem and God’s Holy Temple would be destroyed and the sacrificial system would cease. Many Jews would be slaughtered, while the rest would either be enslaved or dispersed throughout the world.

When the destruction actually occurred, it was as if the world ended. The surviving Jews would have felt something like many Americans initially felt on 9/11. Most people were confused, dazed and overwhelmed by terror. Many turned to God and felt the initial pangs of repentance. This revival was short-lived as people soon began to forget these feelings to return to their old habits of selfishness and self-destruction.

Yet it is true that many believed that the destruction wrought on 9/11 was God’s judgment on America for her sins, even though many innocent people and even Christians were murdered. God may use calamitous events and catastrophes to judge sin but He also allows them as a means of calling sinners to repent. Yet it is politically incorrect to say this let alone think it so not even most Christians will even began to admit this as a possibility. However, when Jerusalem was destroyed the Christians knew without a doubt that God’s judgment had fallen. They knew that the reason for this was because the Jewish leaders had rejected and crucified Jesus. Christians were kept safe from the destruction because they heeded the words of Jesus’ prophecy. would that we would do the same.


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