Blogging with Saint Mark: The disciple is a humble servant of God.

Mark 10

The Lord requires His servants to follow him with total commitment. In this chapter we find some of the ways in which people fail to do this, fail to serve God wholeheartedly. Divorce is one such way. This act is one in which one or both spouses ignore the vows which they made before God and forget that He hates divorce. It is a sin that results from other sin. Divorce occurs when one or both spouses selfishly insists on his/her own way all the time, or abuses the other physically, emotionally or verbally, or refuses to forgive, serve or love the other, or when one or both covet someone else’s spouse or another person.

The pursuit of riches and wealth is also a way in which people fail to serve to God. Some people think that their money will either buy happiness, security or salvation. Some confuse riches with being blessed and accepted by God. Others fail to serve God by thinking they can earn their way into heaven by doing good deeds or performing religious rituals or appearing pious and holy. Such people are trusting in their own abilities and not God.

In the quarrel the disciples have over greatness we see another way in which people fail to serve God wholeheartedly. They serve Him outwardly but only because of what they can get: glory, prestige, fame and power. Jesus rightly rebuked His disciples for their selfish attitude. As He did so, He set down the one basic principle which must characterize every true disciple, the one which summarizes and encapsulates His ministry: servanthood not selfishness. A true disciple forsakes his own way to serve others and thereby serve God.


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