Blogging With Saint Luke: Jesus our Humble Savior

Luke 19:28-48

Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on a donkey’s colt was an open declaration that He was the Messiah. Many among the Jews recognized what He was saying, because they were expecting the Messiah to come just in the way. But the Messiah came as a man of humility and peace. The Pharisees did not want a humble servant King, but a mighty warrior who would overthrow their enemies. So they wanted Jesus to silence His followers. But Jesus would not. Instead He told them that the stones themselves would cry out. The stones He was talking of which would provide a witness to the King of peace were the stones of the Temple which would in a few years testify that Jesus was the living God. This is why Jesus wept over the city. He knew that because the Jews would reject Him in a few days, Jerusalem and the Temple would be destroyed within 40 years by the Romans and the Jews punished and scattered.

Upon arriving in Jerusalem, Jesus went to the Temple. The chief priests who were in charge of worship allowed an unholy business of buying, money changing and selling to go on within the Temple courts, specifically in the Court of the Gentiles. They denied Gentiles all access to the worship of God. Jesus cleared the temple and challenged their authority. Then, to further antagonize them, he began daily to teach the true word of God with authority. He upset the balance of power in Jerusalem by appealing to the poor, the disenfranchised, the sick, lepers and sinners. The leaders of the Jews saw Him as a threat to their power and prestige, one that had to be eliminated.

Jesus still threatens the rich and powerful in the world today. Most people in the world seek security by making a name for themselves or achieving great things and accumulating wealth and possessions by their own strength and power. They have no need for God or other people except as means to their own ends. Yet the Lord Jesus teaches us humility and service by sacrificing ourselves to Him. In this way we are granted glory peace, security and eternal life. Those who try to save themselves will be lost but those who lose themselves in Christ will be saved.



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