Blogging With Saint Matthew: An astounding miracle.

Matthew 14

This miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes boggles our minds. We struggle to imagine how it happened. One moment Jesus is holding 5 loaves and 2 fish, and the next He is handing out thousands of loaves and fish, so much that everyone eats until they are full. And there were leftovers. Where did all that food come from? Out of thin air? Out of His hands? It was a spectacular miracle, and the people knew it.

The Jews of Jesus’ day expected many signs and wonders with the coming of the Messiah. One sign would be that He would bring manna, bread from heaven, as Moses gave the children of Israel in the desert. The manna God provided them was the only nourishment they needed. The Jews believed the Messiah would provide this bread.

And like Moses, the Messiah would lead the Jews out of slavery. Like Moses He would have power over all natural forces. Moses parted the waters of the Red Sea so the people could pass through the waters. But Jesus is Lord of the sea. He did not need to part it. Jesus walked on the surface of the water. He showed the apostles, as He shows us, that He is no mere man like Moses. He is greater than Moses. And He shows us He is no mere political or military leader.  He is the Creator and sustainer of all life.

The Lord still is providing “bread” to people who are spiritually hungry. He gives us who He has called that bread, the truth of the gospel to share with others, not keep to ourselves. We can certainly give comfort to others blinded and lost in the darkness of sin by shining the light of the truth with words and deeds of love performed in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord.


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