Blogging Through Proverbs: Knowing when to keep your mouth shut.

Proverbs 12


Once again we are reminded that those who accept correction and receive discipline with humility are those who are growing in wisdom. The wise man is well qualified to teach others. And a great deal of teaching in wisdom is involved with speech, with knowing when to speak as well as when to teach and how to exercise discipline in a godly manner. We must offer words of encouragement and love when needed but at other times we best keep silent. Often we are to keep our wisdom to our self, to listen and refrain from reproving others and overlook insults.

Today some aspects of society hate to overlook insults, but value revenge and displays of personal power. Someone gets insulted, someone feels disrespected and he or she immediately feels the need to show that he or she is not weak, to get back at the other and repay them evil for evil. This is why there is so much bloodshed and violence: people feel the need to show their strength, to have the last word. The foolish person cannot control his pride or ego and must shoot off his mouth to defend himself or to demonstrate his self-proclaimed superior intellect, status or power. The wise man is humble and does not need to do anything to exalt the self. The Lord knows the truth and will rise to his defense. However, the wise person is always quick to defend others and to help the needy and the abused.



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