Blogging Through the Psalms: Humility is a necessity for prayer that honors God.

Psalm 130-131

Here are two Psalms that are offered to God in deep and heartfelt humility. The first Psalmist acknowledges his own sinfulness and weakness. He needs God’s help. He is not able to help himself. He cannot argue with God or bargain with Him. He cannot build up a case for himself by blaming others for the troubles caused by his own sins. He can never make a claim that he is not so bad because others are worse. He has no right to say anything but admit his faults, for, compared to Yahweh, he cannot even stand in His sight. Yet He knows the Lord to be kind and merciful so he trusts Him knowing that his prayer will be answered. Deliverance is his because of God’s faithfulness to those who so trust Him.

The second Psalmist is King David. He expresses a similar humility as he compares himself to a weaned child. He is not proud or haughty or so impressed with himself that he thinks such a comparison, such an admission is beneath him. Again, compared to God there is nothing he can say that will make his case, nothing that will make God think he is such a great man deserving of His favor. Thus he knows when to be quiet and cease pleading with God. This tells us that when we pray the same prayers over and over again this could indicate our fervor and zeal but it could also be a sign of fear and lack of trust in the Lord. We should pray and wait on the Lord for if we believe He has heard us, we must trust and realize that He will act on our behalf.


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