Blogging through the Psalms: The Lord is the Protector of His people.

Psalm 120-121


The next several Psalms are called “Psalms of Ascent” because the people of Israel sang them as they traveled from their homes all over the land to go up to Jerusalem, to Mt. Zion for the annual feasts. The two we focus on today are Psalms which call on God for encouragement and help. The psalmist asks for deliverance from deceitful people who slander him without cause, as well as people who are bent on violence.  The nations mentioned, Meshech and Kedar ,were peoples who periodically harassed the Israelites. These were the very people who were making life difficult. The Psalmist prays for them but also warns them of the consequences of their behavior.

As this psalmist traveled on up to Mt. Zion, he meditated on the Lord as the source of His strength and his deliverance from such bloodthirsty and malicious neighbors. He knew that God would keep him safe on this journey and every one of his journeys through life. God is always on the job. He never stops working or takes a rest for we are on His heart and He cares for us. We may often doubt that God is so caring; and we may often feel He has deserted us so it is very important for us to bear in mind the words the Psalmist imparts to us. In spite of the perils of our journey, we can always trust in the Lord. He is not too great to care, and we are not so small that He does not notice us.


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