Blogging Through the Psalms: The Only God.

Psalm 96-97

These 2 psalms both focus on the reign of our Lord God, Yahweh. Yahweh is eternal, ever existing. He has created all that exists. He controls all the elements of the natural world, the sun, moon, stars, planets, galaxies, the weather, the seas, rivers, and earthquakes so that all these operate only at His command. He reigns over the entire universe.

There are no other gods. What pass for gods are merely lifeless idols or demons. The Psalms tell us that because Yahweh is Almighty, all human beings ought to acknowledge that He is God. They ought to praise and exalt Him. In addition, because the Lord is a God who is just and right, he judges with equity. Because of His justice then, all human beings ought to obey what He commands.

In ancient times and in primitive societies, men worshiped the forces of nature rather than the one who created them. Our modern culture is too sophisticated for that. Instead, the world worships many other idols: celebrity, wealth, power and science. Scientists have become the new priests of this contemporary idol. These scientists seek to control the forces of the created world, even to creating life as well as taking it. And we silly, naive human beings look to them to explain life and solve all of life’s problems and cure all the world’s ills and diseases. Yet scientists cannot tamper with the forces of the Lord’s universe without suffering serious repercussions both for themselves as well as the rest of us. Those who try to explain the world apart from God’s revelation have no hope of solving anything.


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