Blogging Through the Psalms: The glory of God has not departed.

Psalm 80

We encounter yet another Psalm filled with gloom and despair. The references to Joseph, Ephraim, Manasseh and Benjamin indicate that this Psalm belongs to an earlier period than the last few, a time when Judah witnessed the destruction of her northern neighbor Israel at the hands of the Assyrians. Darkness had enveloped the land of the people of God for a nation that had its roots in the Kingdom of God has been uprooted and destroyed by His enemies. Yet the Lord still reigned in His holy tabernacle even though it appeared that His will had been thwarted. The Psalmist pleaded with the Lord to shed the light of His glory once again and dispel the sadness of the people of Judah.

Sometimes things go so awry in our lives that we are filled with gloom and dark despair. Nationally and globally we in the 21st Century seem to be in that kind of state. All around us the world is filled with turmoil and terror. Innocent people are oppressed and slaughtered. Wickedness is tolerated, promoted and legalized. The wicked seem to get away with unjust and sinful ways. Not only are they not stopped by the Lord, they actually seem to prosper. Christians are assaulted and persecuted even in our land. The government protects the civil rights of sinners while the righteous who voice a different opinion are accused of bias and discrimination. Like the Psalmist we cry out for the glory of the Lord to shine, but though it seems as evil has the upper hand, God is still in control. Let us as Christians stand boldly for the truth of God’s word against the philosophies of the world. 


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