Blogging Through The Psalms: Looking at the wrong things.

Psalm 73

Here is a Psalm by a man who had almost gone astray and deserted the Lord. He realized that he took his eyes off the Lord and what He desired. Instead he compared his life to the wicked. The wicked seemed to prosper for they had everything they needed: riches, power, health and fame while he lacked such things. It seemed as if his loyal service to God counted for nothing. All he had was heartache and suffering as he struggled just to survive. But he realized the error of such faulty thinking when he went into worship the Lord. Then he realized that he was in right relationship to God. The wicked had their reward now but it was only temporary as were the woes of the righteous. In eternity the wicked would suffer while the righteous would receive glory and blessings.

Too often we Americans, including many Christians look at the rest of the world and desire what the rich and famous have. They have power, wealth, fame, health and live lives of luxury and self-indulgence. We Christians think we should enjoy what they have. The reality is that such a path usually leads us into many troubles: psychological, spiritual, physical and financial.

Consequently, the Christian is called not to look at the world, at the prosperity of the wicked or desire them. We are called to look at God for in Him we find all that we need to survive. The rich and the worldly may scoff at God and at the righteous, but they do so to their peril. Self-indulgence is its own reward and its own punishment as well. In the world to come, the wicked will suffer eternal separation from the God of all comfort and love. We Christians are not meant to live a life of ease and comfort in this world. We are not supposed to enjoy rich lives like the wealthy and the celebrities. Rather the blessings we receive come as we put our trust in God and work to advance His Kingdom.


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