Blogging Through the Psalms: Prayers for our leaders.

Psalm 72

This is a Psalm apparently penned by King Solomon. Although it gives praise to the Lord it is actually a prayer for God’s blessing on the king. Perhaps it was sung at his coronation or at an annual feast to confirm the king as God’s anointed. It asks the Lord to ensure that the King rule with wisdom and justice and that He not neglect the needs of the poor and oppressed. As long as He rules with fairness and mercy then he and the nation shall be blessed. The Psalm is also Messianic for it bears upon the one true King who will reign over all the nations with righteousness forever.

Though we should always pray for the coming of God’s reign on earth, there is always a place for prayers to be offered for the rulers of our nation, no matter what party they belong to. Perhaps since we do not trust politicians nor do we like a lot of the things they do, we do not pray for them other than that they will be removed from office. This is not right. Solomon here gives us a wonderful example of how we should pray for those in authority over us. We should ask that the Lord grant them His wisdom. We should ask that the rulers ensure justice for all, as we recite in The Pledge of Allegiance, but especially for the oppressed and the poor.

In our country it seems that the largest class of oppressed people are the unborn. Yet hundreds of them are being killed every day in the name of justice and human rights. Nothing could be further from the truth. So when we pray we must pray that our leaders would wake up and end the national sin of abortion. And we should pray for the Lord’s wisdom and discernment so that our leaders will seek justice and truth and not money and popularity.


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