Blogging Through the Psalms: Coping with sickness.

Psalm 61

David’s cry for help appears to have occurred in a time of serious illness. He called out to God from the ends of the earth which seems to be a metaphor for feeling close to death. He feels that he is in a pit of quicksand being drawn under. He calls out for he needs God’s saving hand to reach out and place him on a rock where he cannot fall. That place is a stronghold under the shelter of the love and kindness of the Almighty God. He is protected from the onslaught of the enemy who in this case is the illness or rather Satan who has used the illness as a way of shaking David’s confidence in the Lord.

Though David experiences pain and despair in this illness, he still holds on to God’s covenant promises. God has promised him that he will sit on the throne of the Kingdom of Israel as His chosen servant. So although he feels thoroughly impotent and helpless, he knows that his life will be restored.

We can learn from David’s faith when we are in the midst of despair during some illness, crisis or trial. Even a severe cold can have us feeling as if we were at death’s door. But we must recall that we are in God’s hand. He will protect us. If we are busy doing His work and that work is not yet finished, He will allow us to continue. If He does not, if we die, we will not regret the unfinished work, for we will be in heaven. Thus He can enable us to endure the pain knowing that we have the sure promise of salvation and the certain hope of eternal life not by our works but by God’s faithfulness to His word.


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