Blogging Through the Psalms: Do not be a religious hypocrite.

Psalm 50

God hates hypocrisy, especially under the guise of Christian piety, good deeds and sacrificial offerings. The Lord does not need those things we sacrifice and offer. He already has all that He needs for His existence. What He really desires is the proper attitude that should accompany what we offer and what we do for Him. He desires sincerity as well as heartfelt repentance, gratitude, and humility. Mere adherence to the letter of the law does not please Him. We cannot rely on rituals and good deeds in the hope that these will balance the scales and outweigh our wickedness and sin.

And yet we Christians all try to balance out those scales and hope that in the end the good will outweigh the bad enough so that God accepts us. Our attempts to do this are really hypocritical for at what we are doing is condoning sin in ourselves and in others while promoting ourselves as virtuous Christians. One of the ways which we Christians condone sin is by purchasing supermarket tabloids, or watching the various national talk shows or purchase the goods promoted by sponsors who finance these. They make money by promoting the lifestyles of the rich and famous which really are the lifestyles of the greedy and the sexually immoral. All the hype and admiration such celebrities receive ignores the fact that sin is quite destructive. Those who claim to revel in wickedness really suffer great pain, guilt and sadness because their lives are empty and meaningless. They try hard to suppress Christian opposition to their sinfulness in an attempt to feel comfortable and free from guilt. It never works.

Rather than admire such people and glorify what such people, we should feel sorrow and pity for them. We should also pray that the Lord would grant them wisdom and the grace to lead them to repentance and faith.


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