Blogging Through the Psalms: Pray for our leaders.

Psalm 20-21

These 2 Psalms appear to have been designed to be sung by the people of Israel on behalf of their king. The first is a prayer for the king in time of war, while the second is a hymn of thanksgiving to the Lord for victory. When these Psalms refer to the king they are speaking most likely of a godly righteous man like David. Yet we can well apply the words and prayers of these Psalms for our own political leaders as well as those in authority over us on our jobs and in our church.

These days it seems that our government officials receive nothing but criticism and disrespect from both liberals and conservatives. While we in the church must always demand godly leadership in church and government and petition for moral laws, we must realize that all those in our government, even those we have elected are there by the will of God. This is not to say that they always do what is right, for they are fallible and sinful people, just as we all are. But no one gets into office without the Lord’s say so.

Thus we should pray for those in office even if we do not like them or their policies. We should ask the Lord to help them to turn to Him for wisdom, grace and humility. Those nations who have godly leaders will be granted His favor. This is why the United States and Great Britain, among other nations, have been blessed for generations. But these and any other nations whose leaders turn their back on God will suffer. Now we see this happening on a worldwide scale as it seems that sin is running rampant and unchecked and evil and wicked people, prosper. This is because nations the world over have abandoned the God of the Bible and turned to myths manufactured by scientists, educators, cultural icons, media gurus and the very politicians who are supposed to be godly leaders. And yet we still must pray for them all.


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