Blogging Through the Psalms: Plea for help during a time of turmoil.

Psalm 17

psalm17This Psalm is another of David’s prayers for help in time of trouble. The basic gist of what he asks is that he be kept “as the apple of your eye.” and “hide me under the shadow of your wings.” Down through the history of the church, both of these phrases have been of great comfort to believers. We all want to be the apple of God’s eye, that is, we want His love and affection, we want to be the center of His attention. As God is omnipotent He does certainly keep each of us in His loving sight at all times. And certainly we all want to have His protection. He is like a mother bird who protects her weak and defenseless children under the shadow of her wings. She protects them from predators with her own body.

David knew he could go to the Lord. He does not think it a sign of weakness to ask for His help. That is how we should all approach the Lord, pleading our weakness, inadequacy, vulnerability and defenselessness because though we can fool others and even ourselves with false confidence and self-esteem, we can’t fool God. So when we go to Him, we must go in humility even in the face of our enemies, or the onslaught of terrorists and murderers, or sickness and trials. We should also fly to the wings of the Lord for His help and protection when we are under the assault of Satan who hurls his fiery darts of temptation at us. He desires to cause us to stumble and fall. If we confront him without the aid of the Lord we are easy prey. Going to the Lord can help us defeat Satan’s onslaught even in the middle of strong temptations and addictions. The Lord can help us get through all temptations without compromise or sin.


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