Blogging Through the Psalms: Hope does not fail us.

Psalm 13

Although we have seen David express great faith in the midst of his trials, this Psalm reminds us that he was far from perfect. Here we find him falling into a state of despair as he feels that the Lord has abandoned him. God seems so far away that he feels sad as he looks at the situation before him. It is very serious and he can do nothing to change it. He is helpless but not hopeless. The only thing he can do in the absence of guidance or deliverance from the Lord is to recall His comforting love which has never left him.

When God seems far away, it is easy for any of us to fall into that same despair that David felt. Every one of us knows what it is like to be abandoned by friends, by family, and many even by our own parents. People will always fail us, they turn from us and we get hurt. It is easy to transfer such feelings to God. Even though it feels like He has abandoned us, our faith keeps us hoping because the indwelling Holy Spirit reminds us that He has not. The Spirit enables us to continue to pray and communicate with The Father. We then know that He is with us, has not abandoned us. He will hear and answer our cry but will do so in His own time.


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