Blogging Through the Prophets: The vision of God’s Kingdom keeps us going.

Micah 4
micahMicah delivered an oracle about the future Kingdom of God one that is similar to statements made by other prophets. He describes the mountain of the Lord, a reference to His Kingdom, the greatest that will ever exist. He goes on to state that one day all nations will acknowledge the supremacy of the Lord. They will come to Him, to walk in obedience to all His commands. Because all will follow the Lord there will be no more wars or conflicts. People will treat others with respect and love. Yet before this happens, both Israel and Judah will be destroyed and the chosen people will be scattered among the nations. The only hope that will encourage them during this time is the certainty of this coming Kingdom.

This hope is what we still cling to today. We must because life in the 21st Century is filled with tribulation and sorrow. There are times when we question what God is doing and why, times when it seems that He has forgotten or abandoned us. When we pray, we ask that He would enlighten us. We turn to scripture to discern His will and His ways for us, our loved ones and our nation. The Lord speaks to us and enlightens us along the way, but not always, and not immediately. We learn His plans and His lessons usually only after we have endured pain and suffering for a time, perhaps even many years later. In these times if we did not have faith in the certainty of God’s promises, goodness and wisdom, all such adverse circumstances and trials would cause us to fall, turn to the world or, in many cases do away with ourselves. Unfortunately many who seemed once to be on fire for the Lord have gone these ways and deserted the Lord the path. Our faith in God’s ultimate triumph over injustice and suffering is the only thing can keep us focused on the right path without becoming filled with despair or unbelief.


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