Blogging Through the Prophets: You can run but you sure can’t hide from God.

Hosea 5

Hosea 5Hosea’s prophecy turns to focus on the Lord’s omniscience. Yahweh sees and knows everything that happens in the thoughts and acts of men. Israel cannot deceive Him for He knows what she is doing and all the reasons why. He knows that the attempts of the people to please Him with religious offerings and sacrifices are hypocritical and so lacking in sincerity. He knows that the people have refused to forsake their sins of idolatry and its accompanying immorality even though they pretend to honor Him with religious words and works. In addition, they demonstrated their lack of devotion to Yahweh for in their time of need they seek help from Assyria, not from Him.

One of the more troubling characteristics of God that causes sinners to run from Him is His omniscience. The Lord sees us through all our attempts to deny, cover up or atone for our sins. He sees though our outward displays of religious worship, good deeds and spiritual acts of piety. He sees that they are often done for our own enrichment and pleasure rather than out of a sense of sorrow or of thankfulness and love for Him, who He is and what He has done. This is scary and we run from Him or else we put up barriers of religious rules and feel good acts of worship that really separate us from Him. We do these things because we do not want to have our sins exposed. We do not want to confess that we are sinners nor do we want to admit that we need Him. And sometimes we run from God because we think He is angry and wants to punish us. Yet we want to look good and feel good without having to really obey His commands. It would be far better if sinners embrace that punishment now, confess their need for The Lord and repent rather than suffer everlasting torment separated from God forever.


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